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INKOMPASS is a 2-cycle global internship program for 4th and 6th semester students from PT HM Sampoerna Tbk which enables you to discover yourself through real projects and real problems.

What We Do

INKOMPASS is a global internship program, offering aspiring interns the opportunity to discover their potential and secure a job even before they graduate! We offer a 2-cycle internship program for 4th and 6th semester students with min. GPA 3.20 from any disciplines.


This program enables you to DISCOVER yourself through challenges and cultural diversity. You will be given the opportunity to :

  • Work on REAL BUSINESS PROJECTS that will help you develop portable skills
  • Build an international NETWORK
  • Receive personalized feedback and COACHING


Explore your passions and discover some new ones too. Take the chance to receive a job offer from PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. even before you graduate!

What you will get from INKOMPASS

1. Real work, real project.

You will work in real project where you get to solve real problem. If your idea is practical, the solution can actually be implemented.

2. Real work, real development.

You will get personal coach who will help you get through the projects and help you improve your professional skills.

3. Intern-national.

You will be exposed to international environment where you can have opportunity to work with colleagues from different nationalities.

4. Learn skills that you can take anywhere

You will learn communication skills, leadership skills, and technical skills related to your project that you will help you grow professionally.

INKOMPASS Program Flow